Hasaan Shines


My client Hasaan Rasheed, known for being the guy in purple in the hit movie "Black Panther," is building his presence online to get sponsorships and future opportunities.


I manage his accounts to keep his upcoming appearances and goals in the limelight.


I also reach out to companies to on his behalf for sponorships.

Total Body Fitness


My client Hasaan Rasheed owns a training company called Total Body Fitness, LLC. I strategically managed the associated accounts to help grow the following and keep the followers updated and motivated!

Taste of Cooper Young


As an intern, I worked with First Congo's Taste of Cooper Young resturant tour, which raises money for a food justice ministry that feeds nearly 1000 people a week in the Cooper-Young area.


I was tasked with increasing followings and interactions on their social channels with intention of moving tickets sale on their website.


In week one of my strategic plan, their digital interactions skyrocketed. This includes a 1000 interactions on a single tweet in 24 hours on a newly-made Twitter account that had only 12 followers at the time of the tweet.

UofM Starbucks


I worked with the team at the Starbucks Cafe on the University of Memphis (Store #19344) to create a social media presence for the store to better market to the target demographic of 18-28 years old college students.  This included organic and paid reach strategies.  Control of the account was moved to the client in April 2018

Tishomingo DNOW


I worked with the Tishomingo County Baptist Association's Youth Committee to create a social and digital presence for their weekend camps in February and August yearly.  This included an Instagram account to promote before the event, create interaction during the event and recap post-event.